London 2012 sponsors – what’s the legacy?

With London 2012 just a year away the country, if not the world, is getting pretty excited about sport.

We have heard all about the different tiers of sponsorship, and how some organisations are sponsors and others merely official providers but I have not seen anyone highlight the fact that with so many major organisations throwing all their marketing resources into their relationship with London 2012 that a void has been left behind, ready for other slightly smaller or less sport centric organisations to support charities in sponsorship.

However, despite it seeming an obvious opportunity to pick up drifting sponsorship opportunities, it is definitely still the case that the economy is still playing its strong arm and making it difficult to find organisations who could afford sponsorship even if they wanted to.

The legacy of the games concerning sponsorship is interesting. There are a number of question marks around the long-term impact with the major fall-out potentially being a fall in demand around sponsorship once all the hype has finished, that will leave smaller charities and other rights holders even more vulnerable when seeking out opportunities.

It would be great if London 2012 sponsors and their agencies might now start to lead the debate and strategy around legacy and longer-term opportunities to support the sector as a whole. Assuming enough of us manage to coax some of the smaller firms out of their lair and onto the major sponsorship stage then following the games there will be numerous opportunities for organisations to develop attractive sponsorship partnerships.

Can we cajole some of those LOCOG and agency employees that will find themselves unemployed post-games to start work now on these ideas with sponsorship finders like me? After all, developing a sustainable sponsorship infrastructure will be a vital component of supporting any sporting or cultural legacy that emerges for London and the UK post 2012.


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